Monday, September 25, 2006

The weekend

Another enjoyable weekend and the return to work on Monday morning, safe in the knowledge that its only 3 months (or 91 days) until Christmas. A dank, wet and gloomy day, although not cold. It looks autumnal, it sounds autumnal, so therefore it should be autumnal. Yes? No. It's 22 degrees, wet, dark and gloomy. Is this Britain? Or just the effects of global warming? It's warmer than most of August...

Went charity shop shopping with Mummy on Saturday, just like we used to. This is the way forward I think, now I'm on my new budget (or rather the £5 left each month after paying my law school loan payment and my rent). And for £13.99 I am the proud owner of a wool skirt and two merino wool jumpers. All barely worn and perfect for work. Now all I need to do is find the dress that I'm after.

Returned to London late Saturday afternoon. Was due at B's 26th birthday dinner at 8pm. The train suffered from a 30-minute delay and my precarious financial state meant tube not taxi. A frantic wash and hunt for an 'outfit'. Being ill meant very little clean washing, and such a packed calendar lately (!) meant my usual such outfits have already been viewed far too many times in the last few weeks. Still, I found an old silk top which I quickly ironed and managed to layer with another one. Such was my success I was asked where I got it! Was lovely to be out and about again after lying in bed for three days, and I managed to get there for 8.40pm. The meal was beautifully cooked by B and expertly served by L. As I walked there and M&I walked home, we spent no money. The downside, it took ages and we didn't roll into bed until 3am.

Sunday afternoon and Marylebone High Street. Lunch at The Prince Regent and then a cup of tea and the rest of the Ryder Cup at the Marylebone Tup. Followed by a spot of browsing in Cath Kidson and a few other shops. Such was my restraint I even managed to buy my shampoo and other toiletries from Boots rather than SpaceNK. Then up to Kenwood House for our now weekly walk. We had a cup of tea in the walled gardens and then ambled round Hampstead Heath. Until we realised that the car park closed at dusk, and the grounds at 7.15pm. And it was 7.10pm. M & B raced for the car park and just rescued the car before it was impounded. C and I followed at a more sedate pace. It was so warm I was wearing a mini-skirt, but this is September and we had forgotten how getting dark is now like turning out a light switch. Still, we made it out of the woods in one piece and even had time to stop and watch the rabbits.

Back to Primrose Hill and supper. Roasted vegetables and rice followed by bread & butter pudding made with the remains of last week’s loaf. M working at the weekend means more organisation food wise is needed...

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