Monday, September 11, 2006

Farmers' Market

It's been another weekend of domesticity. M spent Friday evening making soup. We had French Onion for supper and then the vegetable for lunch on Saturday. Saturday morning was spent at the inaugural Primrose Hill Farmers' Market. There was a huge range of beautiful produce for sale including bread, sausages, fruit & vegetables, cakes, eggs, milk, cheese (some wonderful goats as well as cheddar) and herbs and plants. We bought some oak smoked garlic which smells amazing, as well as some onion bread. Next week I shall go before I do any shopping. Combined with our Abel & Cole vegetable box, we should hardly need to visit the supermarket at all. Thankfully. If only it wasn't so expensive.

Spent Saturday afternoon baking scones, quiches and bread pudding, which M, B and C helped eat. Had invited Alexandra and Annie to come for Sunday lunch. Both bailed on me though. Understandable I suppose as one is jet lagged and the other spends her time looking after a screaming two year old and cleaning someone else’s loo for £5 an hour. So, we went to Richmond Park instead. The weather was absolutely beautiful and the place was enormous; it rather reminded me of California, especially the colours and still air and herds of deer lying about in the shade of the trees. It was just what we needed after the stress of last week. We ate cold quiche and scones in a clearing in the trees and went for a walk. B drove us back to his flat, where he cooked us sausages and mashed potato for supper. M and I returned on the bus happy and relaxed. We didn’t spend much money, didn’t drink too much and for once it was great for the whole weekend to revolve around food!

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