Friday, September 15, 2006

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thelondonpaper published a comment on the Cuckoo Club yesterday. Amongst other things, it noted that this was the venue of Paris Hilton's 'flower' bombing incident at the hands of PETA. What a joke!

Friday seems to come round quicker and quicker at the moment. The days are speeding away. Soon it will be winter. Alexandra starts university this weekend; I am not worried for her (as any problem she faces she will face in the knowledge that she encountered worse on her travels) but for my mother. My wonderful mother who has to take and leave Alexandra on her own because my father is at a conference in China. Just as soon as one returns, another leaves and my worries start all over again.

Attending training tomorrow morning - M and I are considering applying to manage the Primrose Hill Farmers' Market. Not sure how I will manage to get up at 7am every Saturday morning throughout the winter but the job does sound interesting. Well, we'll see how it goes tomorrow...

Will post some more thoughts in answer to my previously posted ponderings when I get a few minutes.

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