Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Home Time

Am too tired to write about the excellent Breed 77 gig at the moment, so it will join the list of things that I will blog about when I summons some energy.

Promised topics which I have yet to deliver:

  • Elaborate on the Jewish wedding I attended
  • Set out my thoughts on the importance of the WI in the 21st century
  • Discuss manners and why I still find text messaging to be an inappropriate medium for informing one that one's services are no longer needed
  • Expand my view on the need to shop (and why Liz Jones is so bloody annoying)
  • Breed 77 Review

Writing which is on my laptop and not yet on this blog (a situation I must rectify):

  • Size zero models
  • Vogue - advertisers dream or well-written articles?

Instead, I will use my time for a brief link round up whilst waiting for M to come and collect me from work. That's right. Link. I looked at all of the blogs that I usually read after work and this was the only thing that caught my eye: City Slicker voicing her thoughts on the 'man-bag' and how this is a useful indicator that David Cameron is NOT set to become the next PM. An interesting theory...

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