Friday, September 08, 2006

Kate for Agent Provocateur

Having read much hype regarding Kate's debut film performance, I jumped at the chance to watch it for myself courtesy of my parents' broadband connection (my own dial up deemed too slow and the work broadband too risky). After registering with Agent Provocateur the first part of the series, Shadows, flickered into sight. There was Kate, lying in a tousled state in a rumpled bed, wearing bra, knickers, suspender belt and stockings, all black-eyed and blonde kitten hair, whispering, in a very soft south London voice, the details of a dream from which she had just emerged. The shots were soft, black and white night vision; the retinas of her eyes clearly and disturbingly visible. The combination of her movements, gaze and voice were unnerving. It was as if the page had suddenly sprung to a sleepy, sexy life. And the underwear looked amazing. Mostly clever makeup and the use of a night vision camera, I suspect, rather than the actual bra, but if her breasts look that good wearing it, I want one. Rather clever advertising; first, everyone is familiar with Kate's naked self and she looks even better in the underwear; secondly, Kate's entire persona is comprised of her image- until the Virgin advert I had never even heard her speak - which in this film is brought into a unique three-dimensional reality.

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