Monday, September 04, 2006

It's been a long time coming...

... but on Wednesday Alexandra will be home. It must be autumn. Although, you wouldn't really know it, as it's been warmer the past few days than it has in weeks. I am so excited. Annie & I are going to meet her from Heathrow (if we can work out which terminal her flight lands at).

Spent the weekend in fully-fledged domesticity; cleaning and baking on Saturday and attending a friend's wedding on Sunday. It seems the wrong way round, but then it was a Jewish wedding. In central London. It felt all wrong wearing a dress, heels and a hat on Oxford Street. Will post more about the wedding when I have a bit more time, as it deserves a bit more detail.

Baked scones, two quiches and apple crumble on Saturday. The apples were from Mum & Dad's garden and the filling in the quiches came from our vegetable box, so all very healthy. L brought her handbag over for supper and finally received her birthday present (which was bought in time for said birthday, but somehow I never had it about my person whenever we've seen each other). All in all, a good day.

Off to WI tonight, should be an interesting evening. Sewing and nucleur waste disposal. What a combination!

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