Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Tuesday - the day of... badly written blogs

Just a quick post today as am very busy at work and anxious to go home. Keep writing a list of things to write about but have yet to find time to sit down and expand on my initial thoughts. So far, I still need to elaborate on the Jewish wedding that I attended, set out my thoughts on the importance of the WI in the 21st century, discuss manners and why I still find text messaging to be an inappropriate medium for informing one that one's services are no longer needed and expand my view on the need to shop (and why Liz Jones is so bloody annoying). All that and send some job applications, find an outfit to wear to the label launch tomorrow evening and turn the remains of the roast chicken I cooked last night into a tasty supper. It looks set to be a long evening...

No time to add these to my list on the side bar, but today I discovered the blog I considered writing until I decided it would be too boring (and depressing) to write everyday. Yes, the ups and downs of an aspiring lawyer in search of an elusive training contract. But no need, it's been done for me. That and her American counterpart . I assume they are not related, although I can't be certain. They both have used pictures of a certain Miss Woods as their profile image.

It's not the mundane aspect of personal blogging I find aggravating. It's the writing. When the bitching of the Fugly writers becomes a better read than some blogs I've read recently, there must be a problem. Even some of my favourite bloggers have started to rant in a rather unbecoming fashion. Let's hope its only temporary.

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