Friday, September 15, 2006

Label launch - Chelsea

Attended the label launch on Wednesday evening. And what a bizarre evening it was. It was the event I was asked to model at before being told that 'there aren't enough outfits... we're having trouble getting enough for the catwalk'. I mean, it's not like they were launching a clothing label or anything.

So, we turned up and the lighting crew were still setting up; the free tequila bar ran out early on as there wasn't anything to watch so everyone drank instead. Smoking was only allowed on the staircase (small, narrow and metal) as the launch was in the studio. Fair point but it meant that most people were squashed on the landing.

Then, finally, the models presented the clothes - which was all very nice but a bit dull. There was nothing that was truly original, yet nothing one could really wear on a day-to-day basis either. There were a few interesting blouses, but a lot of the things were too see through for practical use, but would look odd with anything under them. An interesting experience though.

Then down one set of stairs to a nightclub to watch a band. Who managed to be an odd mix; musically a bit bland but with vaguely charismatic members. Drinks were hugely overpriced but it was Chelsea. Then a raffle where C won a magnum of tequila. I've never seen so much tequila in one container and despite our best efforts, we managed about an inch or two. Between 10. That's how much there was. Goodie bags were handed out – containing an odd assortment of things (including England winning the Rugby World Cup in 2003 on DVD). And then it was 10pm and everyone had left. Except T and her charming boss.

A bus to Sloane Square and then from nowhere - the heavens opened and it was as if we were standing under a fire hose being used on a film set. Soaked through in seconds and one ruined pair of four inch pink suede round toed shoes. Sheltered drunkenly in a bank doorway and a mad dash into the tube station. Bakerloo and Northern Line suffering (again) so disembarked at Camden for some supper. And then home, to bed, to sleep.

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