Friday, September 08, 2006

Blog Problems

Am having some difficulties. My sidebar and profile no longer appears as a right hand column; it has disappeared to the bottom of the page. I find this annoying. If anyone knows how to rectify this, please let me know.

UPDATE - I have managed to work out what was wrong. By deleting my thoughts on Kate and re-posting them (above) the dotted line causing all the trouble has gone. Yay!

And I will post something more interesting soon. I promise. It's just been one hell of a week. Ceiling, Alexandra's return, M ill etc. Ceiling is still shedding small pieces of plaster and wood into the kitchen. Especially when the people upstairs use their washing machine. But what can we do - ask them not to? M has been hassling the landlords today, but with little success so far. Oh, the joys of rented accommodation. If we owned it, it may be expensive, but at least it would have been sorted by now.

At least my new telephone has arrived. I will be able to send text messages

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