Thursday, September 07, 2006

Small thoughts

It's been a hard day. The hole in the ceiling is still there, the kitchen floor still covered in plaster dust. M has been ill and I have been away. Returned to London on a credit card ticket as have essentially run out of money. M is hot & cold, achy and disjointed. The doctors can only offer an appointment in a week’s time. I am worried and frustrated because I can't do anything.

The list of things to do piles up; people will not return my calls or e-mails and the frustration grows. No fridge, no broadband. The new mobile telephone I ordered hasn't been delivered. I call. "There's been a problem with dispatch". Yes, I realised that. "It will be with you soon". Why didn't you call to let me know? "Oh, dispatch is not linked to our call-centre". "It'll be with you today or tomorrow". You said that last week. And so it goes on.

Maybe it'll be better tomorrow.

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