Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Shikasuki - Primrose Hill

"A candy box of vintage delights blended with mouth-watering contemporary art. Two floors of treasures... Pick 'n' Mix your own selection!" is Shikasuki's tagline. Owned and managed by Rachel Sheridan Ducker and her parents, this little white and Perspex shop is crammed full of vintage clothes and accessories. And if you can't quite afford any of the Ossie Clark dresses, there are greetings cards, original artwork (some by the owner herself) and a huge number of sparkly accessories for even the smallest of budgets. I ended up with some cards to send to friends featuring some of the bags for sale in the shop and a gorgeous sparkly red beaded cocktail ring with roses. It cheered up my day no end this morning when I had to go to work.

And I'm wearing it now, typing this, during my lunch hour. I've got stomach, PMT and am feeling a bit rubbish. But with my hotwaterbottle and my sparkly ring, I'm managing to cope.


marmaladya.com said...

what sparkly ring...is there something you haven't told me? poor tummy, hope you feel better soon

City Slicker said...

Is it on Regents Park Road?

Rachel said...

Shikasuki is actually on the corner of Gloucester Avenue and Princess Road, opposite The Engineer and Melrose & Morgan.

Rachel said...

No, no news...! It's red.

Tummy feeling lots better. Thanks for your good wishes.