Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Lunchtime Musings

Just a quick post now - will post in full after work. I know it's 3pm, but I was trying to finish a project before lunch. And I managed it by 2.15pm. So this is still, just about, lunch.

Left a builder in the house this morning, mending the hole in the ceiling. That's one less thing to worry about. As long as they deliver the fridge with no hassles tomorrow, our unending domestic upheaval may be getting sorted.

Good news for my new friend Susie Lawstudent - she's finally gained a Training Contract. I'm pleased for her as I know the struggle, but it's making me a bit depressed. Especially as I was called to a meeting to discuss why I've been late a bit recently. I guess when enthusiasm for the job is waning, it gets harder to get worked up about it. I must try harder; I must not get sacked. And I must get back into doing Training Contract applications.

And I'll stop moaning now. This evening, I'll post about the amazing Breed 77. Now that's worth looking forward to!

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