Friday, September 22, 2006

Postcard from 'home'

Haven't posted for a few days as have been confined to my bed with a tummy thing. Finally dragged myself out of the house and back to Berkshire. To the dentist. And a bonus evening to see grandparents, uncle, mother and sister. Father is in China and the other sister is currently at a beach party. Only the happy party got rather delayed by a flash flood somewhere near Leatherhead on the way home from a funeral. So, Annie and I did what any self respecting, somewhat abandoned siblings would at such a time. We headed for the retail park. No, I can't believe it either. We tried on hideous things in New Look, including some beautiful patent leather platform shoes; in a magazine, looked ok - on my feet, like a stripper. And then to Tesco. Where I actually found a black v-neck which I will be able to wear to work. For £10. I don't usually like to support supermarkets, but given my current financial crisis and need for work clothes, I was in no position to refuse.

Have spent the past few days watching Sex and the City, series 4, 5 and most of 6. I'd forgotten my old friends Carrie, Charlotte et al. It was like a reunion. And speaking of old friends I actually know, took calls from both H and S whilst residing au lit. Was lovely to hear from both of them and I am looking forward to meeting up. Also spent some time writing something about size zero models and the contents of Vogue. Two separate articles, you understand, although I suppose I could equally combine them. Sadly, both are on my laptop in Primrose Hill and I am here in Berkshire. So I will have to finish them another time.

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Susie Law School said...

Ah, Sex and the City... did a guided tour in NYC and it was so cool to see all the spots where it was filmed. Hope you enjoyed!

Thanks for your supportive words re TCs, it sucks but one day... just think of all that shopping money we'll have when we're lawyers... *eyes glaze over*