Thursday, July 19, 2007

One Year On

I know, I'm a few days late. Haven't really had much spare internet time lately. There's my job, you see, and e mailing, and facebook and once I've done all that, my lunch time is nearly over. Then there was my sailing holiday; a lovely trip despite the rain, but there was no internet on board and I was too busy navigating, hoisting sails and weighing anchors to care very much.

So here we are, the 19th of July, only 12 days late. On 7/7/2006 I posted my very first words on this blog. I didn't think anyone would read, and to be fair, apart from some occasional high points, I don't think many people have or do. I've had some positive comments and a spate of not so positive but it has mostly died away now. The majority of people seem to come here via google, these days, now the internet connection at home has been lost and I can't update every day.

It has been a varied year, mostly punctuated by the usual noise of working, drinking, seeing friends, shopping, more shopping, going to parties, going to previews and exhibitions, a few trips abroad. I started out living in Primrose Hill in an extremely shabby flat but one that was great for parties. The flat had its fair share of disasters, including, memorably, the kitchen ceiling falling in. I write now from a bigger, better more homely flat somwhere in North London which even has a garden, although we are still renting.

I started the blog in the height of summer, filled with trips to Cornwall and a longing for Alexandra to return, which she did, at the end of September at the last possible moment before university started. In the autumn of 2006 I posed for the Sainsbury's magazine with other WI members and in May we were featured in the Sunday Telegraph Stella magazine. I also started writing for Marmaladya and attended a number of MarmaEVENTS, some of which I wrote about here and there.

In October 2006 I wrote my hundreth post, took part in Songs of Praise and met Carol Caplin. In December we were burgled. In February we travelled to Morocco; in March I joined other bloggers in raising awareness to try and catch Rachel's stalker. In April we travelled to Tuscany and then, finally, after several years of waiting, I started my Training Contract. In May, Tony Blair announced his departure and so did we; we moved house a few weeks later.

In writing this post I have had a chance to trawl back through my own archives; I found it overwhelming mundane. Very few posts of any significance jumped out at me. My writing seems to have developed in style but not in interest. I hope that my second year of blogging will allow me the chance to remedy the situation.


Anonymous said...

My only criticism of bloggers is that they are self- obsessed. Otherwise why have a blog? Though yours is less self-obsessed than most, and you seem to have some humility.

Echo said...

I would add that people generally only read blogs if they're nosy - which undeniably many people are! Why else would reality tv be so successful- we all want to know about other people's lives. Well done Rach - been a productive year by all accounts.

Thank you very much for linking to my blog - when I work out how to do it I will do the same!

Sz x x x

Ps Don't know why my name comes up as Echo but never mind!

Rachel said...

Thanks sz. your comments are much appreciated.

To link to someone else's blog you have to edit your template. If you like I can tell you how to do this via e mail.


Anonymous said...

Haha! My girlfriend left me cos she said I was nosy. Well she didn't actually tell me- I read it on her blog.

Rachel said...

Congratualtions on a year of blogging, and many more posts of the day!