Monday, July 02, 2007


Not much time to write about things at the moment. Woke up on Saturday morning far too late and in my haste to get ready I managed to crack my head on the edge of the bathroom door. Although it was rather painful it was only when I was on the train, fitting in a quick trip back to Berkshire, that I realised that there was an enormous lump, bruise and red line in the middle of the top of my forehead. I shall endeavour to be more careful with my bathroom activities next time.

Had a lovely lunch and pot of tea with some school friends followed by seeing my sister and parents over supper and then it was out for a friend's birthday. Had a lovely evening catching up with some people that I hadn't seen for a while and also meeting some of their friends. Finally met back up with my sister around 3am and took ourselves back home for a few hours of much needed sleep before getting back up and heading to another friend's garden party. Whilst we helped with the cooking it rained heavily but by the afternoon the sky had cleared and we spent the afternoon playing croquet. A very enjoyable afternoon and then a delayed but non-eventful train ride back into London, whereon I collapsed on the sofa and fell asleep in the middle of Clueless (which I bought in Oxfam for 99p) before I even got to the "Oh my God. I love Josh" part. Sad. Must try to stop cramming so much into the weekends!

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