Friday, June 29, 2007

What a week for Brown

Tubes were delayed this morning; announcement that Picadilly Circus was shut due to a "security alert". Got off the tube and as I reached street level I received a text message asking if I'd been affected by the "troubles" on my way to work. Cue a raised heart beat, faster pacing, thoughts of July 2005 and a quick call to M to check that he'd made it past Picadilly Circus ok. Reached my desk and logged onto the BBC to be greeted with the headlines of bomb in central London. This has now changed to Police avert car bomb 'carnage' but even so, my heart lurched.

The news has been dominated by this story all day and this afternoon reports started filtering through that there may have been other vehicles involved. I can't help but think that it cannot be co-incidence that there has been major changes in the UK government this week and a terrorist attack potentially could throw newly appointed cabinet members into disarray.

Potential terrorism always makes me think of Rachel, so I was relieved to hear that her stalker has been sentenced to six months in prison. Not as long as I had hoped but still, Rachel can rest slightly easier for a while (if she has time with impending book launch and 7/7 anniversary events) unless fjl decides to try to appeal.

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