Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Another Quick Update

So little time to blog lately that when I do finally get an opportunity every thought that I've had in the past week which I have made a mental note beside saying 'blog' has flown clean out of the window. I suppose this may in part be due to the migraine which I had yesterday and has shown little sign of shifting since. Or, perhaps I should start carrying around a little notebook and recording my thoughts.

Equally annoying are the incidents I can remember that I earmarked 'blog' but now, when I have the opportunity, I am unable to remember the details. Like the two girls who I had the 'fortune' to sit opposite on the bus last week. So styled they were they could have been caricatures and whose conversation was so tummy hurting funny that I wanted to share it. And now all I can remember is "Mummy, I've did 100 hundred butt clenches this morning and now my butt is numb". And that just doesn't sound so funny without painting the rest of the picture.

So, devoid of interesting things, I shall have to think of something else to write about. The WI were mentioned in the Sun last week with a picture of the Christmas beer and chocolate tasting. Not a terribly enlightening article and very poorly written, but still, some more exposure. And speaking of the WI, spent yesterday evening at an organisation meeting for the Christmas Charity Ball. We have managed to decide the theme, the date, the charity and even some of the decorations. Things are progressing nicely.

And, given that my mind is now drawing a resounding blank, I think I will go and be extremely dull somewhere else. Perhaps in front of the television. Where I spent most of the weekend watching the extremely addictive Twin Peaks (and am now desperate to find either £60 or someone who knows how to turn region 1 Dvds into region 2 so that I can watch the second series).

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