Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Brown is new PM

So today is the day when Mr Brown displaces Mr Blair as prime minister and is finally able to move into number 10. Given that it was announced several weeks ago, it seems rather an anti-climax. I'm not even sure how much I mind really. There will be a re-shuffle of personel I'm sure but I cannot really see there being a huge difference. I hope I'm proved wrong.

I also read that Brown is the 11th prime minister to hold office whilst she has been on the throne. I wonder how many more she will see?

It's funny really, England is undergoing an enormous change and has gained a new pm without a general election and all I am interested in news wise at present is whether or not it is still raining in SW19. Priorities, priorities...

1 comment:

Gordon said...

'England is undergoing an enormous change'?

I guess the other countries in the Union don't exist? How quaint are the attitudes of people in the south-east.