Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Blogging and Bloggers

A few months ago, a number of anonymous commenters left some unpleasant comments for me on my blog. While they were marginally annoying, I felt that a blog in the 'public domain' was just that, and everyone was entitled to their opinion (supposing that there was anyone actually reading). So I left them, pointing out that my policy was only to delete defamatory or racist comments or ones that deliberatly insulted someone other than myself. Being called a Primrose Hill Princess and that I should try working harder and shopping less is, whilst unpleasant on a daily basis, nothing to get stressed about.

I did delete one comment though, from someone refering to 'FJL'. This commenter suggested that I should have a look at a certain blog, which I did. I was horrified to find an enormous rant about someone I consider to be a blogger friend. I have never met either my blogger friend or the commenter on my blog, but I know who I trust. I e-mailed Rachel, who explained the situation and told me that the matter was with the police.

So I was pleased therefore to read this post on Rachel's blog. FJL has been found guilty of harrassment. She didn't attend court but was found guilty in her absence. Sentencing is awaited. Having broken bail terms (so I believe) there is a warrant issued for her and she could potentially be facing 5 years in prison. A stark warning, it would seem, to people who consider the internet (and blogging in particular) to be above or around the law. It isn't.

My heart goes out to Rachel and the issues she has faced, but I am also pleased that she has come through with grace and dignity and still able to look forward to her new, married, future.


lain said...

Shit, that's really serious. Pray that that woman is caught before she can do any more damage.

Anonymous said...

So much for her not being allowed to use the internet - the b***h has already blogged today about her. Makes me sick. Poor Rachel.

Rachel said...

Ah, thanks Rachel. I hope she doesn;t come after you, but after beign exposed in a public court as a stalker, and convicted, and then exposed in blogland, to general consternation, she can at least be in no doubt that if she decides to pick fights in future, she will have a lot of people to convince of her 'case'.

Though I suppose she is also now a kind of internet celebrity, and perhaps that was what she wanted all along. Attention. Any attention.

Claudiana Jones said...

This is a particularly interesting post because I am taking a class that talks about autobiographical writing and how blogging is a form of autobigraphical writing. A popular question asked is why people choose to blog, putting a lot of information about their personal life on the internet for others to read. Obviously some peope do not agree with this form of writing and resort to a more active role of showing their disagreement. But like you said they have just as much a write as you have to comment whatever they prefer.