Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Orange Broadband

I was standing in front of the sunglasses stand in a shop on Oxford Street this evening, trying to decide which ones looked the least bad when my phone rang. Juggling bag and several pairs of spare sunglasses, I tried to answer the it. Boop boop doo-oop it went in the bottom of my bag, the sound of the CTU (24) taunting me as I tried not to drop everything on the floor.

"Hello". Nothing. 1 missed call. Caller 'anonymous'. Answer machine message. I call the voicemail out of courtesy rather than interest. May as well, I suppose it could be someone interesting.

"This is a message for Rachel. This is X calling from the BBC... I wonder if you could return my call. My number is 020 8...".

So I did, crouching on the floor to write down the number, hiding behind the cheap jewellery in an effort to distance myself from the exitable children shopping in their Easter holidays. A lady from BBC Watchdog answers and tells me she is ringing in response to my e mail regarding Orange Broadband. She was interested in my experience and wanted to ask me a few questions regarding my view of their customer service, specifically how long I have been kept waiting on their phone system. So I told her of my 20 minute wait, only to be told that I need to call a different number, which routes back through to the first option, of no issue being solved adequately, how I was told to look at their website for further help (when the issue I had was that I couldn't access the internet in the first place) and so on.

We discussed the issues for a few minutes and then she asked if I would help them by filming a short interview for the programme next Wednesday.

"Of course, no problem" I replied, knowing somehow that it would be this weekend and I would be away. "When?"

"This Saturday". So, regrettably, I had to decline.

So I stood up, bought my sunglasses and was soon back on Oxford Street, dodging tourists, children and people going about their shopping, rueing the fact that I had just turned down a chance to air my views of Orange Broadband to the nation (or those that view BBC 2 next Wednesday evening) in favour of a trip to Florence...


Miss Hacksaw said...

Ha - I've got that ringtone too. Most humiliating when your phone is lost in the bottom of your bag and you're on the bus.

lain said...

Damn, you missed the opportunity for fame and fortune!! Oh well, Florence isn't a bad second... ;-)