Tuesday, April 10, 2007


My apologies for the sporadic blogging. You may remember that I was experiencing some difficulties with the internet, or more specifically, that Orange Broadband was not compatible with Microsoft Vista (which came with our new computer to replace the one that was stolen during our break in). Well, that particular issue has been rectified. The 'helpful' Orange lady who imparted the news of incompatability also suggested that I

"consulted the Orange website for further assistance"

to which I responded, naturally, that since I was unable to access the internet, my chances of finding the Orange website at all, let alone finding it helpful, were slim to none. Still, she had a point, as when I was able to use another computer to view said website, it suggested pushing the button marked '1' on the router. This I did, and the internet has been working ever since.

Until yesterday. When we encountered our second problem with Vista. The computer came with a one month anti-bacterial (viral, whatever) cover. When it expired we were due to activate our CD entitled 'vaccinations 2007', or whatever it was. Which we attempted to do last night, only to discover that despite it being the 2007 version, it is not compatible with Vista. So no internet until we can protect the poor little thing from all of those diseases and viruses that computers suffer from so easily. I am not good with PCs it would seem. Thankfully, M's Mum (and Dad) are good with computers and in charge of the whole process really, so it will be sorted soon. If only all customer support was like them the country would be amazing.

In more interesting news, or perhaps not, depending on your situation, I am back in London and back at work. Spent the weekend hill walking in the Yorkshire Dales and helping on my Aunt and Uncle's farm. On Saturday we climbed Ingleborough in glorious sunshine and on Sunday some low level walks near the farm. Caught up with family and discovered that I am too old to stay out all night dancing with my sister. Train back to London yesterday and back to my second to last week at work. All three days of it. We're off to Florence on Friday and I haven't even unpacked my suitcase from last weekend yet. So many things to do, so little time. So I had best be off to do some washing and re-packing.

Ingleborough - 2,373 feet (we climbed up the steep left hand side from the limestone pavements)

(Rachel said that she was a techno-muppet - I like the phrase and as far as PCs are concerned, me too. Thank goodness for M's parents)

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