Sunday, April 29, 2007

Marmaladya in the Sunday Times Style

Meant to post this last week, but what with the new job and all, it completely slipped my mind. Marmaladya was in the Sunday Times Style in an article written by Fleur Britten about women only events. The night at Sketch that she mentions is the Beautiful Brands night that I wrote about here.


Sophie said...

Not exactly a very flattering article about and women's networking in general though is it? I know the article is not particularly well written but I thought the interviewees came across quite badly- like they had a problem with men- just for being men.

Rachel said...

I didn't think it was terribly flattering either; I met Fleur at the event at Sketch and I wouldn't have described it the way she did. I think the problem wasn't so much with the interviewees as the way that they were portrayed. Still, nice to get some publicity in a national magazine.

Anonymous said...

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