Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Quick Update

Just over a week into my Training Contract and things seem to be going well. Suffering rather from a cold today but still managing to be at my desk on time and enjoying the (much heavier) work load. As it is only the second week I am also benefiting from still having enough time to take a whole hour for lunch - have been sitting in a garden and enjoying the sun whilst reading a book.

Am also managing to get away from the office at a fairly decent hour and this evening met a friend for a quick bite to eat. Have returned home and the boys are out watching Manchester United lose so I have the place to myself. It could do with a bit of tidy up but as I feel a little under the weather I really can't be bothered to do more than a cursory tidy. I think I will make another cup of tea and eat some of my easter eggs whilst watching Desperate Housewives. (It's either that or start researching some points on Contract Law and I think that is best left until tomorrow).

Lastly, something I meant to write about last week but never got round to. Had the misfortune to catch a BBC1 programme regarding the making/putting together/hash that is Grazia magazine. Grazia is a magazine that I used to read regularly but following a promise to my father I now no longer buy, reading it only if I find it on the tube or if C lends it to me. No more. After watching that programme I don't think I will ever buy it again. No matter how tempting the cover line. It is put together by a bunch of women who are boring, arrogant and sheep-like, full of their own self-importance and who spend the weekend cutting things out of the papers so they can feature them in the magazine. They have a folder where they fill up the pages with things that are happening but are so deviod of actual information that they are thankful when (for example, as in the show) they are rung by a 'contact' in Thailand to say that Kate and Pete took part in a beach ceremony. They spend the vast majority of the weekly budget on grainy paparazzi shots. They claim that their main competitors are Vogue, Elle and Marie-Claire magazines; I would assert that their main competitors are the tabloid rags and free London papers. The editor, Jane Bruton, is a whiny middle aged woman who alone was possibly responsible for my dislike of the programme and magazine the most. She came across as shallow and uninteresting, feigning a mucking in perspective by choosing to sit at an open plan desk rather than her own office. She must be something right though, as Grazia wins award after award and sells hundreds of thousands of copies a week. Enough, rant over.

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Anonymous said...

Couldn't you see that Grazia was devoid of factual information before the programme? All women's magazines are the same.