Sunday, May 27, 2007

Moving On

So, finally, after three van loads, we are in the new flat. Thankfully, two wonderful friends helped us out with some of the packing and heavy lifting, so M and I didn't have to manage on our own. Even though we filled an entire bag for the charity shop and many many bags of recycling and rubbish, the new flat is absolutely full. I am resigned to the fact that I am a horder; how many other girls can say that they own an entire bin full of back issues of Vogue? And that is only the copies that I have saved since living in London as all the other are being stored at my parents house. Or that they have enough of those paper bags with handles to fit all their shoe boxes, shoes, books, folders, underwear and other miscallaneous items in? In fact, I had so many of those paper bags that I even brought with me a bag of bags. Yet somehow, I just can't part with them. I'm making myself use them though and then recycle them, so gradually I am culling my collection.

The flat is lovely: we have a full sized wash basin, shower, a bathroom door, ceilings which are not only intact but painted and with beautiful victorian decoration and an actual sitting room. It's wonderful. Less wonderful is the burglary of the house with which we share the garden, but we have been burgled before, we coped and claimed on the insurance. It was not the end of the world.

All in all, an excellent weekend, despite the rain. We even made it to a friend's birthday party last night at a bar in town, albeit rather late and as some of the other guests were leaving. But still, we managed to move house and go to a pary on the same day, something I have never managed before.


Milla said...

Sounds lovely! Where have you moved to? Assume you'll be changing your gmail address!

Rachel said...

I think I will just leave the e mail address for now, as I can't face changing that as well as all the other things that need doing!

We are still in North London, a couple of miles up the road though.