Monday, May 07, 2007

Bank Holiday

I love bank holiday weekends. Three days off work in a row, followed by only 4 working days until the next weekend. Barbeques seemed to be the main theme this time round. One each day.

Watched Arsenal Ladies team win the female FA Cup Final this afternoon, beating Charlton to win all the possible ladies football titles this season. Was rather an odd affair, ladies football. Somehow it doesn't really seem 'right'. I was, at least, expecting them to behave like ladies, even if they play like men, but no. There was spitting, there was arrogant celebrating after a goal was scored (yes, Kelly Smith, I am talking about you, pointing to the back of your shirt, repeatedly) and there was undignified chanting of 'Champ-ee-o-nay' when they were awarded their cup. It was all rather embarassing really. A rather sad portrayal of women showing they can do everything a man can (except be a father). And then the commentary. Stating the b***** obvious the entire time. Such as "2-1 down is an easier mountain to climb than 3-1 down" and other such pithy remarks courtesy of Gavin Peacock. All in all it would have been enough to make me turn it off it it hadn't been so awful it was actually rather amusing.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to see you have a go at it!

fred flintstone said...

I used to quite like Gavin Peacock- a good player in an average Chelsea team a few years back. Still, a lot of commentators come out with such cliches.
Can't really get into women's football. It's very big in Italy, I hear.

Rachel said...

You mean you haven't seen me play football... you must have done.