Friday, May 25, 2007

Cyber Stalking

Sadly the stalker which I mentioned who has been bothering Rachel is still at large and causing problems. Rachel has written about this here but also says the following:

"Okay, here's where you can help...
If you see her - she is believed to be using internet cafes in London and periodically travelling to Oxford - please do not approach her.

Do not respond to her blog.

Instead, please immediately call your local police or CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111 with a description of her and her location, (grab a pic on your mobile if you can) , and say that you have a sighting of Felicity Jane Lowde, convicted stalker/harasser - who is wanted for arrest and sentencing.

(Maybe someone can make blog buttons? And perhaps bloggers can pass this on?
I will try and get some more recent pictures so people can report sightings of her to the police.)

Remember, stalking and harassment are crimes, and she was found guilty under the ten-year-old 1997 Protection From Harassment Act. Voluntary or imposed internet use regulation codes do not work with someone like Lowde.

Therefore I say that the best way to protect free speech and blogging from the damage done to it by people like Felicity Lowde is to use the internet for good purposes. We do not need to be regulated, we can look after ourselves and our own, and we can self-regulate. Here is an opportunity to help the police bring a woman who brings blogging into disrepute, to justice, and to do so safely and legally.

Please do not do anything that could jeopardise her arrest and sentencing. Please do not respond to her or anything she says. Please just help the police do their job of bringing her to justice.



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Rachel said...

Thanks Rachel!

Rachel said...

...and now she is in custody, awaiting sentencing after psychiatric reports, which is very good news. She might get the tratemrnt she needs too, fingers crossed