Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Fulham WI in Stella Magazine

Attended the May meeting of the Fulham WI last night. Was an interesting mix of speakers - a couple of 'modern day pilgrims' who told us about some of the journeys that they have completed following old pilgrim trails in Europe and what they have got out of the trips - followed by Marcus from the London Kaballah centre. He was an interesting and compelling speaker who drew you into his arguments rather successfully. To my mind though, he set up many questions for which he never managed to provide answers.

And, if you were so inclined, you could read a little more about the Women's Institute and it's more modern, urban, London face here, in the Sunday Telegraph's Stella magazine. There is also a small mention of Marmaladya as well. The article features my branch of the WI, Fulham, as well as the Islington branch. They have their photo tags wrong though, as the picture above is of some of my friends from the Fulham branch, not the Islington one as they claim.

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