Thursday, March 22, 2007


Orange Broadband is officially the worst broadband supplier, according to a survey by Watchdog. Great, I thought, sitting with a cup of tea watching the programme, we have Orange Broadband. This doesn't bode well for our current problem.

The credits had just started to roll when my mobile rang.

"Hello" I said, cautiously, as it was an unidentified 0800 number

"Hi" she said, "I'm calling from Orange Broadband. I'd like to offer you an upgrade..."

"Interesting", I replied, "Did you know that you have just been voted number one worst broadband supplier of all time? And whilst you're on the phone, perhaps you could explain why I can't use my Broadband with Microsoft Vista?"

She asked if I'd hold the line, which I did. It was their call after all. In a few moments she was back.

"I'm sorry" she said, "Microsoft Vista isn't compatible with our broadband and we're not sure when it will be".

"I see", I replied, "Then in answer to your initial question, seeing as the service we have currently doesn't work at all, I think it would be unlikely if we agreed to pay for an upgrade."

And so there you have it. My posting will be restricted to the occasional lunchtime for the foreseeable future.


tbfkatic said...

Ooops. I have Orange Broadband too and it can be a nightmare sometimes. Occasionally it stops working for no known reason. Can be very frustrating when you need access!


lain said...

We have Orange broadband and I am very happy with it. We get 8MB too, as we live very close to the exchange.