Thursday, March 08, 2007


Camel trekking in the Erb Chebbi sand seas near to Merzouga. More to follow.


kendo nagasaki said...

De blog am back. Long live de blog!

Missus and I are thinking of going to Casablanca in September.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sacky, thought this might be the easiest way to communicate with you whilst you were abroad!! Piccies of camel trekking look fabulous, I've been taking a few snap shots of Ol' Nu Yawk too, so we can trade when I get back! Hope everything is hunky dory and will see you guys very soon


Anonymous said...

have you ever thought about moving out of london to find a job? perhaps if you got off your high horse & moved to a "less exclusive postcode" (god forbid!) you might actually become a professional, work occasionally then maybe you'd have less time to swan around shopping? solving all your problems in one go!