Monday, December 18, 2006

Motorbike Man

It wasn't the lack of time which prevented me from blogging this weekend rather that a criminal broke into the flat on Friday evening and stole the computer. He kicked the locks off the main front door and then took a running leap into our flat door, shouldering it so hard that the locks both smashed off. The forensics came and dusted for prints. No such luck. They know that he pressed his ear to the door to listen and then shouldered the door rather than kicking it, as they found an ear-print and a shoulder mark. He took a paperbag with baubles and tinsel from the kitchen and the laptop from the desk in the other room. The police say that he would have been in there less than a minute and then he was off, discarding an item of my clothing that was in the bag with the baubles, past the damage he had caused to the doors, possibly picking up one of the locks, tipping a few baubles over a wall, dropping a few more in the gutter, loading our possessions into his motorbike storage hatch, meeting M's eye and then speeding off on his bike.

It makes me angry and it makes me sad. All that effort and damage for a computer. An average PC Notebook, fairly slow, no real software. A computer, a phone charger and some tinsel. What kind of a person do you have to be to spend Friday evenings smashing through doors that you have no right to open, so that you can look through stuff which never has and never will belong to you, even if you do take it. But there's no point wasting time on him. The thing to do is learn from it and be glad that it wasn't so much worse.


Rachel Emma said...

Hi Rachel,
I'm so sorry you have been broken into it must be horrible.

Take Care
God Bless,
Rachel Emma

lain said...

Oh dear, that must have been absolutely awful. At least you are both alright. And you never know, maybe you can get a better computer on your insurance claim?!


Praguetory said...

Sorry to hear about this. Wat Tyler at "Burning our Money" has been repeatedly blogging about crime in your area - not that it sounds like that could have helped. I do recommend you try to look over his comments though. Have a nice Christmas. PT

Rachel said...

Thanks for all your comments. Thanks for the tip PT, have had a read (had never realised that there was such a high crime rate)and have written a little in today's post. Limited time in front of a computer though. Happy Christmas. R