Monday, December 11, 2006

Georgina Coleman Fine Art

The above photograph is by Boyarde Messenger and further details can be obtained via Georgina Coleman Fine Art.

More on this later (as am very busy) but attended Georgina Coleman Fine Art's first exhibition last night. Featuring three very different artists (Boyarde Messenger, Sophie Morgan & David Hawson) the work was exciting and individual, filling the gallery space with the beautifully displayed photographs, line drawings and watercolours. I was particularly taken with Boyarde's work - and will write more on this at a later date.

Update: As promised, a quick update and I will republish this so that it is at the top of the page. To set the exhibition in context, Georgina Coleman Fine Art was set up by Georgina Coleman within 6 weeks. An article charting her story can be found here and I was sent some tickets to the preview evening. The gallery in which she chose to exhibit the work was in Fulham and although rather tiny upstairs was much more spacious down the extremely steep staircase. Georgina had chosen to display Boyarde Messenger's photographs upstairs, with watercolours on one side downstairs and ink drawings on the other. Although I enjoyed the other work, it was particularly Boyarde's work which I found most interesting.

The theme was clearly a celebration of women: most of the photographs featured a woman, usually naked. The picture here was one of three - each featuring different coloured knickers - and some of the most vivid. Most were black and white, or at least more tonal. My favourite however was of a girl (my age I suppose) facing away from the camera, in a wood, naked save for her wellies. Just the sort of thing that I think would look good in the bathroom. I think I might have a bash at something similiar myself...
Lennox Gallery (77 Moore Park Road, SW6 2HH)
Thurs 7 - Sun 10 Dec (10am - 9pm)

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Wow i love those panties, not sure my bottom would look quite like that in them though!