Wednesday, December 13, 2006

This and that

Just a quick post as am in urgent need of some sleep. Went out for a quick post work drink with C and ended up at B's house having supper until 11pm. Taxi home and then spent ten minutes trying to unlock my front door. Still, I suppose if I can't get in with a key, it's unlikely that the burglars will fare any better.

Spent the weekend not quite managing to see my Annie. Work party Friday, work itself on Saturday, so finally managed to spend some time together on Sunday. Tried to have a coffee at Cachao on Regent's Park Road but left when they tried to make us eat some food in order to sit a table (after we had sat down). So we had a pot of tea at Le Tea Cosy instead. Bought a few presents and some tree decorations and then headed to Camdem to try and find some fairy lights. A successful trip to Argos - a rather unsuccessul attempt to make them work. Will have to take them back next weekend, so for the next week the tiny tree in his little red pot is looking rather bare and sorry for himself. But we couldn't resist him, especially as he is pot-grown, so we should be able to keep him all year, all being well.

Rachel has posted details of the last mass lone demonstration this year. Follow the link here to view what she has to say. I will try and write some more on this when I am not having to prise my eyes open to see the screen...

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