Thursday, December 21, 2006

Stuck in the office

No time to blog at all as am too busy this week trying to sort everything out before Christmas. The lack of computer doesn't help matters either.

Scrolled down the page and saw that on Weds I had commented that burgulars were unlikely to be able to get into the house if even I couldn't get in. Well, they proved me wrong. I stand corrected. I just wish it didn't have to be pointed out to me in such an obvious fashion 2 days later. I think I will have to stop going on about it now. But still, it really makes me angry.

And another thing, there are lots of annoyed travellers stranded in various airports because the airlines have deigned to suggest that passenger safety is important and due to there being no visibility, the planes have to leave much bigger gaps and so less of them can take off and land. What do people expect? That just because it's Christmas and they want to go on holiday, that the weather will be great and there will be no chaos. Would have made a rather different film, wouldn't it, if in The Holiday Kate Winslet had become stranded at Heathrow and Cameron Diaz had been left circling before being diverted to Manchester...

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lain said...

I agree with you about the travel chaos. It occurred to me earlier that for once, people have no right to complain - yes, it's awkward, but at least they are safe. It's not like anyone's cocked up (like when frost is forecast for ages, but nobody bothers to grit, so the roads grind to a standstill). But hey, we're British. We have to complain about something!