Saturday, December 02, 2006

Beethoven's 9th Symphony and other interesting things...

So I have unexpectedly found myself alone in front of a computer for a few minutes and what better use of this time than to update my blog. I am 'in limbo' at present; we have spent this afternoon rehearsing Beethoven's 9th Symphony and we are to perform it this evening along with two of Bruckner's Motets Os Justi and Virga Jesse. Little parts of all three are swarming round my head like gangs of bees and I hope that my brain is able to sort them out and remember which instruction belongs to which piece before the concert starts.

This week has been indicative of the Christmas season to come. I have already written of Monday's 'work' drinks; Tuesday evening found some welcome downtime and we cooked two lasagnes and a cranberry and apple pie to see us through the rest of the week. I fell asleep watching Sabrina (the Audrey Hepburn film rather than the TV show about a witch) so please don't tell me how it ends. Wednesday saw the arrival of a friend from university, up for a job interview on Thursday. We duly rounded up university friends and went out for a few drinks, a night which ended up with whisky drinking and guitar playing/singing until 2.30am. How I expect our neighbours love us.

I had somehow had the foresight to take Thursday morning off work and had a lovely relaxing morning: a bath whilst listening to TJ play the guitar, lunch at Melrose & Morgan followed by cupcakes from Primrose Bakery. And then to work, where I managed to cram a whole days work into 4 hours. And then it was off for the first rehearsal with the orchestra (a very tiring experience) and suddenly, it was Friday. TJ left at 5.30am to return to work in Gloucestershire. M left for work and I dragged myself into my office and sat at my desk wondering how on earth I was going to make it through until lunchtime. Coffee and paracetemol. A long meeting. A walk at lunch and then finally I was able to escape. Straight to the pub for a colleagues leaving drinks.

And then to Angel, to the Island Queen and M's brother's 28th birthday party. By the time C and I arrived at nearly 9pm everyone else seemed to be already wasted. Goodness knows what time they got there, but when we were kicked out at 12.30am, one or two were unable to find their way home. And as for M and I, my navigation ability clearly wasn't what it usually is. In an effort to save money, we decided to get the bus. Only instead of just walking to the bus stop we managed to walk what felt like half way to Highbury before I realised my error. In the peeing rain. I was not impressed with myself, but we duly retraced our steps and caught the bus. I think we only wasted an hour. So we finally fell into bed, drunk, wet, cold, tired and me with all my make-up still intact at 2.30am. And there ended the week.

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