Wednesday, December 13, 2006

18 Doughty Street

Am watching Rachel on 18 Doughty Street and drinking champagne whilst I wait for supper to cook. Have spent the early part of this evening watching Cameron Diaz bounce around a rather orange and part labotomised Jude Law in The Holiday with T. Had a lovely evening and did enjoy going to the cinema, but did wish that the film had been a bit better written.

Am looking forward to my time off over Christmas, as I plan to do some more writing. This blog has no obvious political angle and I rarely write about current affairs, but there are some issues that I do have opinions on and would like to have some time to write (and research) them properly. I also need to start visiting and writing about the boutiques in Primrose Hill.

Again, a busy week. We are celebrating J's graduation tomorrow evening, another Christmas Party on Friday, a birthday party on Saturday and then a carol service on Sunday. I hope to find some time to myself (which increasingly means time to blog) at some point over the weekend.


Jonathan Sheppard said...

And isnt the new set much better at Doughty Street. Looks better than when I was presenting Vox Politics

Rachel said...

It does look a lot more slick I think.

Rachel said...

good grief , Rachel, I hope you don't burn out. That a hell of a party schedule!