Thursday, October 05, 2006

Champagne and Rose Petals

It was a night of free champagne. Started the evening with a Grazia/Reiss evening in the Kensington Church Street branch. Met L and left an hour later having drunk champagne and holding a goodie bag containing Aveda products and some Reiss earrings.

Was very nice to see L; she has been somewhat occupied with her marking of late. I don't envy her the holidays any longer - she left to get into bed with 32 essays describing (to varying degrees of success) ways in which Christians describe God. I left to meet M and his father for supper.

After waiting at least half an hour for a bus (something was very wrong with London traffic) I arrived at the Hilton in Green Park to attend a collaboration between the Hilton Hotel chain and the Malaysian tourist board: a Malaysian themed buffet. Beautifully presented with rose petals on every table and including my second free champagne of the evening, the food was interesting and unusual. I particularly enjoyed the spicy chicken soup, which was more along the lines of a broth, to which one added whatever one wanted. I added finely chopped spring onion, cubes of chicken, peanuts and dried meat. The main course included fish, beef, mutton and seafood - the buffet style presentation allowed one to try everything. I wasn't so keen on the pudding however; everything was flavoured with coconut. I tried cold green pancakes containing what tasted like maple syrup and rice and a cold steamed coconut dumpling. I had an enjoyable evening, but left feeling pleased that I enjoy British food so much.


mongchacha said...

Malaysian themed buffet...

Well I was in KL (Kuala Lumpa) in the spring and real Malaysian food is very diverse and wonderful!

Great profile, loved: "but can't quite stop shopping. Loves life but wishes she was better at it."

Better at it! Me also! ;)

See the independent (extra page 8) yesterday? "They call themselves 'froogles' ~ and they have pledged to go without shopping for a year. Even no more Manlolos for you, a bit grim, obsessive, puritan, but we could all buy less I guess, but would the worlds economy grind to a halt? Good for climate change?

Rachel said...

Thanks for your comment. I think that this is the article to which you refer. Have not had a chance to read it properly, but it looks interesting. When I do get a chance, I will post something in response. R

Rachel said...

Clearly that link didn't work. I'm not really sure how to make links in the comment box.

Anyway, here's the article: