Thursday, October 12, 2006

The History Boys (Part 1)

Attended a preview of The History Boys last night. Am in the process of writing a review of the film as well as my thoughts about it. Have spent some time researching and reading discussion forums, but have not had the time during my lunch break to fully formulate these ideas in writing, so will have to finish this later and post it this evening.

To be continued...


Rachel said...

Grrr. I left the review that I was in the middle of writing at work. How annoying. Well, I'm not going to start it again now, so I'll try and finish one of the other pieces that is in progress and post that instead.

Rachel said...

The review is now finished and I am hoping it will be published on Marmaladya. When it has been I will post it here.

I will also endeavour to finalise the rest of the piece that I was writing. Life is getting rather busy at the moment and I haven't been getting home until 10pm each evening though, so there may well be a delay.