Monday, October 02, 2006

Lunchtime Musings (Part 2)

I was pleased to read this morning that Rachel has decided to leave behind her career in advertising and become a writer. She has been alluding to this for a week or so, but yesterday confirmed that she has taken voluntary redundancy and is becoming a full time writer. Although at times she may not have believed it, I do firmly believe that someone is looking after her. Her life may not have always followed the path that she thought it might take, but the opportunity to pursue her dreams to become a writer (and to have a payment package to make this possible) may not have appeared without the pain and anguish that went before.

I have found Rachel's writing an inspiration; it was reading her blog which made me actually start mine, rather than just talking about it as an abstract idea. The way that she handled all the situations which life threw at her helped me realise that my issues were very small in comparison. I may not always agree with her, and sometimes I find that her writing is too politically charged for my liking, but I always read what she writes. And I feel I know her, just a little bit. And this is a privilege.

I have always wanted to be a writer, but my path has headed too deep into the field of law to return, at the moment. I have invested too much, mentally, physically and financially to turn back at this stage, but I have been reminded that writing can be a sideline project. So I have started writing this blog to get back into the practice of writing and I have really enjoyed it. I have written an article, which has been published in an online magazine. I won't say further until it is definitely uploaded, but it is a start. And hopefully other opportunities will follow. And Rachel has helped me believe that my life path will sort itself out, it just might not be the way that I expected it to.

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Rachel said...

Oh Rachel-Catherine - that's lovely of you. Thank you so much.

I've just taken the post you link to down for a couple of days whilst we negotiate what to tell the whole company - it's a big company, and whilst many people know, not all of them do - so just in case they were reading the blog, I thought I'd better be cautious until everyone knew. It'll go back up on Thursday morning or before.

I think someone is looking after me, and it is an extraordinary feeling. I am going to make th eblog into a book. Probably with most of the politics taken out...

...political writing will probably form some of my journalism, but it is a side story to the events of the last year.

I do wish you all the best with your article being published, and hoep to read more of your writing soon.

R x