Monday, October 02, 2006

Weekend Review

Another Monday morning, and this time it's October. 2006 is gathering speed at an alarming rate. In three months time, it will be 2007 and I will be 25. I will have left behind the 18-24 age box which I have occupied comfortably for the past six years and I will be officially 'grown up'.

And speaking of being 'grown up', for the first weekend in a while I was not hung over at any point, I did not smoke and I did not eat fast or convenience food of any kind. Unless you count a latte from Fresh & Wild which I took into the cinema on Saturday morning. It's quite a pleasant time to visit the cinema actually, especially the one in Camden. I guess 12.15pm is too early for most people - there were about 6 others there. For an advance preview of the Devil Wears Prada. I had expected to queue!!

The film I thought was excellent - in a shallow, glossy entertaining way. It is different to the book; some changes are done well, others seem to have little point. I will write about these a little later – I wouldn’t want to spoil anything for anyone who has yet to watch it…The clothes, shoes and bags are good, but I was slightly disappointed. Given that the costumes were created by Patricia Field, costume director of Sex and the City, I was expecting great things. Mostly, it seemed like product placement. But still, an enjoyable way to spend Saturday morning. (Although M may well disagree).

Returned home for a late lunch, courtesy of ingredients purchased at Melrose & Morgan. A wonderful shop and the food is great, but we have had to rename them Melrose & Mortgage, as we spent £8 on essentially bread, bacon and eggs. Still, cheaper than going out for lunch and it did taste delicious. And provided fortification for an afternoon cleaning, reading and doing washing. B & C arrived early evening and we made cocktails and M cooked a wonderful supper.

Sunday afternoon and it was too wet to go for a walk. So we went to Waitrose in Marylebone High Street instead and collated the ingredients for a roast dinner. Cooked expertly by B at his flat in Maida Vale before M and I caught the bus; to Primrose Hill, to home, to bed.

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Rachel said...

The Devil Wears Prada was hugely enjoyable and featured some creditable acting by all three leading roles, but I found David Frankel’s New York disappointing. Focusing rather more on product placement than the beauty and aesthetics of fashion, despite being constructed by some of the same people as SATC, notably Patricia Field, the film left the viewer with entirely different impression of city and style. It is also differs widely from Weisberger’s novel, which in this circumstance I found appealing. It would have been impossible to remain faithful to every nuance of the book; by making a series of adjustments the film is able to flourish in it’s own right. By making Streep’s Miranda older and more softly spoken, a depth develops which simply does not come across from the book and in many ways makes the film infinitely more watchable.