Friday, July 07, 2006

This is harder than it looks

The seeds of inspiration to start this blog were first sown a few weeks ago in a Fulham Women's Institute meeting - Lucy, the President, had invited the director of a blogging site to speak us about the new Fulham Women's Institute blog. On the tube on the way home, I began to formulate the idea of starting my own personal blog, a diary of my life, that would also enable me to keep in contact with my gorgeous sister, Alexandra, currently living in a campervan somewhere south of Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. So, in typical Rachel style, I thought about it for a while, talked about it for a while and then did nothing.

Then, one wet lunchtime this week, my usual plans were foiled. On an average lunchtime I take my sandwiches and the paper plus the all important picnic blanket, and head for Regents Park. There, I spend 45 precious minutes with only myself and my so-duko (and all the rest of the people who work nearby - but I pretend that they don't exist). Anyhow, back to the subject. I started reading the bbc news website, which in turn led me to a blog by another Rachel. I'm not sure why I felt compelled to read her blog - perhaps it was because she was also a Rachel - but reading her account of her year following the London Bombings of a year ago today made me start thinking of my earlier promise to myself to start writing again. Through a blog.

So, here we are. It's harder and easier than it looks. My life seems fairly mundane at the moment. But its a start. I'll keep you posted.

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