Monday, July 24, 2006

This is harder than it looks (Part 3)

In an increasingly busy week, it gets harder and harder to find time to write every day, especially as I can only post after work. The ball finally took place on Friday and I think it went well. It was rather marred for me by a terrible migraine - I had to leave the sit down formal supper as I thought I was going to be sick - but I still managed to take the microphone in front of 150 people!

Spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday involved with ball preparations and tidying up again afterwards, so was very glad of a relatively free weekend. Met up with friends in Westborne Grove and managed to get the dress which I have been coveting for several months. Only trouble is, I've seen Kate wearing the same one, so I hope no-one thinks I've copied her! I saw it in the shop well before I saw it on her, I promise. Still, it is a great thing to wear on a hot day and because it is so short, you have to stand up straight and tall, so you look better and more confident.

Off to another friend's for supper now. Will leave work and get in early in the morning when I can concentrate better - have been feeling a little off this afternoon. Then M will collect me and we will pack for our holiday together tonight.

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