Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Some random thoughts

Mean meaning to post this for ages - last week I surely made the worst 'celeb spot' - Geri Haliwell walking her princessy dog in Primrose Hill. If it wasn't her, it was someone who so desperately wanted to look like her they'd sold their soul. And bought a rather arrogant dog.

Also this week I have read that you should only post on your blog what you wouldn't mind telling your mother, face to face. That either makes for a desperately boring blog, or you have to be inventive. I'm not sure which is worse?

And speaking of worse, went to Ealing last night. The actual event I went to was really enjoyable - a bbq and drinks with the people I organised the ball with - but Ealing itself is rather horrid. Although their house was actually quite nice. I tried to look up their address on my A-Z but found Ealing was off it's remit. Then journey planner had trouble locating the address. I finally discovered it was as far west as the district and central lines go - so far west in fact, that one of the trains I could get to visit my parents in Berkshire also stops at Ealing. And then when we finally reached Ealing Broadway, the best we could find to buy some drinks was a Budgens. Thankfully I managed to find a lift home!

And yes, the ball did happen. Some found it to be a great evening, others - especially the poor few people who didn't get any food - found they had a few more criticisms. Although we did make some mistakes, we did rather more things better. In fact, we enjoyed organising it so much and people enjoyed the dancing so much that we're planning another for Burns Night next January. Event organising as a career?

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