Monday, July 17, 2006

Feeling Old

Back to work on a Monday morning. I think I'm starting to feel old. Couldn't sleep last night and when I did, was rudely awakened by period pains at 6am. Tried to ignore them but they were perstistent and finally had to get up for a drink and piece of cake in order to gulp down nurofen plus. I love whoever invented the painkiller. Along with contact lenses, its my answer to the Channel 4 intro question - what's the worlds greatest invention. You know, the one where Julie Cooper from the OC says "the thermos - it keeps the hot things hot and the cold things cold. How does it know?"!

Anyway, had a lovely weekend. On Friday evening I went to Topshop. Friday evening is my favourite time to shop as I have the whole evening to myself and there are fewer people than at any other time. Perhaps more people have a life to live on Friday night. At the moment though I find it a peaceful way to spend Friday evening. And you don't have to queue for the changing rooms. So, as I was examining every item of clothing in Topshop, I noticed that it was just girls going about being girls, looking at everything and trying to work out how each piece would (or not) work in their wardrobe. I bought a skirt and a cardigan, both in the sale. Not bad considering I originally went looking for shorts. Bus home (so convenient - is this a good thing?) and then Big Brother.

Saturday - managed to get up at 9.30am. Realised this is part of the reason I am feeling old. Friday night used to end drunkenly at about 3am, Saturday started about 2pm and then we'd go out again. A Saturday starting at 9.30am is now pretty much our norm. We cleaned, tidied, did two loads of washing and ate lunch together. M and I then took our respective work to the pub at the end of our road and sat in the sunshine drinking Pimms and working. Such is the life of those who do not have a garden. We are thinking of asking the people downstairs if we can sit in their garden, for they never seem to. Two parties to attend in the evening. One with work colleagues, then a mad dash across London to M's brother's flat. His partner, my virtual sister, her birthday. She is a designer and makes me the most beautiful clothes. A wool jacket for autumn is next on my list. Sat on the balcony, drank and talked. Caught up with old friends and enjoyed the summer evening. Taxi home at 1.30am - further signs of old age as this felt early yet strangely normal.

Sunday - arrival of period and news that I am not pregnant. Part of me wanted to shout this from the roof tops. A more secret part of me was rather sad - I had talked myself into feeling that should I be pregnant it would not be the end of the world and we would cope. But we don't have to - which I feel is the better news. Migraine (as usual with day one) and food shopping to be done. Also a meeting for Friday's ball, flowers to arrange and then the 7pm service at church. Home again, supper, washing and Spiderman. And to bed, to sleep and to work.

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