Friday, July 07, 2006

Writing for an unknown audience

A thought just occured to me. Why, or for whom, am I compelled to write a blog? I haven't actually told anyone I know that I've started one: I've discussed the idea with a number of people but I'm sure they made the - entirely reasonable - assumption that it would never get off the ground. I have many ideas and schemes and mainly that's where they remain. Therefore, I'm not (at present) writing for a known entity, a personal audience. I can't imagine an internet user will stumble across this whilst on-line shopping or sending their googlemail. Although I can't be sure, as I don't really know where this site may be listed. And perhaps secretly I'm hoping that someone might? So I'm not necessarily writing for an unknown audience, although I am aware that posting on the internet puts my words within the public domain. So, that leaves writing for myself. For me. Why would I write for myself? I know what I do, what I think. But do I really stop and reflect on what I do, what I say? So perhaps I'm keeping a diary, not of my life, but of my reaction to my life. But why do I feel the need to write on-line rather than in a beautiful notebook kept stashed in my desk? I guess this is more convenient, I can write from work or wherever I can find a computer. But whenever I try to keep a diary, in whatever notebook, I usually stop after a few entries. Perhaps the potential of a blog is the thought that somebody might read it, that there is the possibility that ones words may be read (and maybe even enjoyed) by another person. It is also, I imagine given that this is my second ever post, a satisfying experience - writing down thoughts, holding a conversation with oneself and exploring issues and ideas in a way which is both public and private at the same time. There is scope to perfect the way that one writes, to experiment and find a voice, a tone, a style which fits. And also the pleasure of seeing ones work 'published' without even having to leave the desk. Or just an excuse to think about myself just a little bit more?

What do I hope that this blog will achieve? I hope writing and therefore implicitly reflecting on my thoughts, actions and reactions will allow me to become a bit more like I want to be, and a bit less like the person I fear that I am.

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