Thursday, January 04, 2007


I like to make lists. Sometimes I even make them on this blog. Mostly, I make them in my diary, on the back of old bills that I really need to get round to paying, on white boards and in notebooks. Occasionally, I will work through one of the lists. Mostly, I write them and worry about the contents. Today though, I thought I'd write some lists of reflection.

The best things of 2006:

  • M asking me to move in with him and then finding our darling (and grotty - or as Mum put it, 'genteelly shabby') flat in Primrose Hill;
  • Starting my first proper non-temping job after university. And sticking at it for an entire year;
  • Spending my first ever Christmas with M;
  • Joining the Fulham Women's Institute;
  • Starting my blog;
  • Writing again and having an article published, thus leading to a 'job' as a MarmaReporter;
  • Curing myself of my weekly magazine fix and reducing my monthly magazine intake to my Vogue subscription (and the occasional issue of Tatler);
  • Being told by a designer friend that she liked my style and asking me to be her fitting model for part of her collection;
  • Realising that, financial issues aside, I'm actually happy.
The worst things of 2006:

  • Discovering that our flat was not as secure as I thought it might be;
  • Receiving at least 20 rejection letters/e mails and the subsequent thought that I probably had enough of them in total to publish a book, at least in volume;
  • Not doing enough to remedy my financial situation to a satisfactory level;
  • Not acquiring a Training Contract.
Still, at least the positive definitely outweighs the negative. And all of the worst things are things that are, to some extent at least, within my control. I may not be able to create myself a job, but I can make a better attempt in my search. Likewise, if I can be determined and strong willed in some areas, there is no real reason why I can't stop shopping and start saving.

And for 2007?

  • Find a Training Contract;
  • Write a weekly article for Marmaladya;
  • Sort out finances, filing, tidying and generally get life in order;
  • Blog daily (subject to computer) and increase readership (perhaps by writing something more exciting than lists);
  • Visit Marrakesh;
  • Pursue my hobbies to a greater extent and spend more time surfing & sailing;
  • Finish A's Christmas scarf;
  • Get up earlier;
  • Take more photographs and read more books;
  • Stop worrying so much;
  • Laugh more.

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