Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Left of Centre

Took a policitical compass quiz today (via Rachel, as usual. I must start linking to some other people) and was very surprised to find myself on the left middle of the chart. I always thought I was more to the right. Perhaps my views on sex and marriage were the ones which tipped me in a liberal lefty angle. Who knows?

Once again, it's been busy. It was my first week back at work after a two week respite, so I was expecting the usual catching up but was unprepared for the chaos of things to be sorted out. I am just about back to an even keel but I am still far from bored. Or should that be far from idle?

Am missing watching 18 Doughty Street. Must get onto the insurers.


Anonymous said...

SUrely as a Christian your views on sex and marriage would be quite right wing - no sex before marriage, heterosexual is the way to go, all the usual Biblical stuff? Why would that land you on the left? K

Praguetory said...

Even I end up on the left on that quiz. It's a rubbish quiz.

Rachel said...

I think you may well be right...!!

Anonymous said...

Hey rach,
I was surprised and mildly gratified to find myself in almost exactly the same position as Gandhi!
There were definitely some clear marker questions which determined your result though - for example, is sex before marriage always immoral?!
Think you had better take note and stop reading the Times... or alternatively read it more as it clearly isn't having enough of an effect!
Hope stuff's cool,
Sz x