Saturday, January 13, 2007

Travelling and Fortune Telling

And so the time has come for another member of my family to depart on a round the world trip. Annie and her boyfriend Alex leave next week for San Francisco. Lucky things. Still, I am consoled by two things; Alexandra made it round the world in one piece, so A&A should be ok and secondly, M and I have booked ourselves a trip to Morocco.

Speaking of sisters, this could only happen to Alexandra. She was invited to a work do on New Years Day at a local pub, an invitation which she accepted but promptly forgot about. She then managed to turn up at the correct pub at the correct time for entirely different reasons, yet managed to convince everyone concerned that she was there for the party. Only Al!

Spent last night in the Lansdowne with B, C, M and TJ. Was really nice to go to the pub for a few drinks instead of spending the evening in the house. Managed about 6 hours sleep and then went to a meeting where I ended up having my fortune read. I'm not entirely convinced about the whole thing, but it predicted I would earn more money and find more work, both of which are positive.I also have to look out for my blonde friend....??

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lain said...

Didn't know you were planning a trip to Morocco - sounds interesting. When, where, why etc??