Sunday, January 28, 2007

Weekend (2)

Not much to say at the moment really, other than I have a computer (briefly) at my disposal so feel compelled to write a quick post. Have one eye on Dawn of the Dead but given my usual disgust at any film with that much blood, I am disinclined to give it my full attention. At least a quick imdb search has satisfied my need to know from where we recognised Sarah Polley. I liked the last film I saw her in much better.

One rather better film I watched this week was Little Miss Sunshine which follows a family effort to allow their daughter, Olive, to participate in the Little Miss Sunshine Beauty Pageant. It manages to be both sweet and funny without being cliched or saccharine and features some superb acting especially from Abigail Breslin who plays Olive. She this week became the fourth youngest actress to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

Today has been a day of cleaning (mostly M) and tidying and (watching M) cooking and generally spending some time together as TJ was away for the weekend. It was thoroughly enjoyable and I am a little sad that it is now almost Monday already. At least the summer holiday plans are progressing nicely and we have also arranged a weeks yacht sailing with my parents. It will be excellent to be on the water again, as it is a long time since I have done anymore sailing than an afternoons meander on the Rock estuary.

TJ is watching me blog over my shoulder and has rather a lot to say regarding this evenings television schedule. I maintain that we ended up watching the Celebrity Big Brother Final having been reminded by the kind lady at Channel 4 that it was on. TJ maintains that I am hopelessly addicted to CBB and would have watched it regardless. The truth of which we'll never know, but someone was making noises over a desire to audition for the non-celebrity version and it wasn't me. Anyway, I digress. We had turned on the television to watch Shipwrecked in the hope that there might be someone so fit as Charlie Murray from last years Tiger Island. There are a couple of possibilities but I think it needs a few weeks to get going - if it manages to get beyond the racism debacle of last week.

And regarding CBB, it does make me wonder whether or not Shilpa would have won if it hadn't have been for the public outcry to Jade, Jo and Danielle's earlier behaviour towards her. Perhaps a more favouritable outcome for Channel 4 than necessarily for the people involved. In fact, it does make one wonder if the whole outcome wasn't contrived by Endemol... Was it not rather convenient that Jack and Danielle were evicted first, together, so that Davina could get her headteacher-ish 'interview' with them out of the way, once, before starting on the more convivial interviewing of the other celebrities. I guess that too is something we will never know either.

Right. Am off to bed. Once I can persuade M & TJ to stop taking photographs of wine bottles. Have a good week.


Anonymous said...

I liked Little Miss Sunshine too. I didn't realise Alan Arkin was still alive.
Why does Davina do her level best to look like a chav, with the severe scraped back pony tail and the big hooped earrings?

Rachel said...

No idea why Davina thought that the 'Croyden facelift' and matching earrings was a good look, but she appears to have been sporting it every episode for the duration of the series. At least she's not back on our screens until the summer, when she may have found a better look to channel...

lain said...

I know, I was surprised to see Davina looking like that too, as she's normally immaculately dressed when doing "normal" BB.

However I avoided CBB in favour of Top Gear last night. Just had to see the Hamster's return to action, bless him.

Anonymous said...

Aaargh no I draw the line at Top Gear. The rabidly reactionary Clarkson and his sycophantic cohorts slavering over environment-damaging vehicles. I bet they read 'Nuts' magazine too.
OK, I'm a bit of a loony lefty, and I don't drive.

Rachel said...

'I bet they read 'Nuts' magazine too'.

Clarkson or Lain? I can pretty much guarantee Lain doesn't read 'Nuts' magazine (for she is female) but I can't speak for Clarkson. Certainly his column in The Sunday Times is rarely worth the bother of reading.

Anonymous said...

Haha, no, I meant Clarkson and Hammond and James Thingy. I find Clarkson offensive- but I'm sure he sets out to be.

Rachel said...

I'm pretty sure Clarkson is a lot nicer in person that his media 'persona' would lead us to believe.

That said, I do occasionally enjoy watching Top Gear, although not when they pointlessly destroy other peoples possessions.

Anonymous said...

I read last night that according to the Mayan calendar the world will end on 22 December 2012.
Only five and a half years or so to go- better get some more foreign trips in.