Friday, January 26, 2007


Just another quick post as only have brief use of a computer. Been out in Angel with C, J and A and enjoyed a lovely girly chat over some wine. Was refreshing to discuss issues from a female perspective without trying to make ourselves heard over loud men. So it came as a bit of a shock to return to the flat to find it full of drunk boys all having shouted conversations with each other. I have retreated to the bedroom to check e mails and ponder why so many anonymous people think I'm (or want to be) some kind of Primrose Hill Princess.

I'm really looking forward to Marrakech and it will be an experience of a different culture. The very fact that their values and customs are so different to the liberal nature of life in England means that it will be an interesting experience. I'm particularly looking forward to the camel trekking as I have always wanted to see camels and visit the Sahara. I always find myself captivated by deserts and the people that live in them, when portrayed in books and film, and I am looking forward to meeting them and seeing how they live. I think it is a much simpler way of life, which will be a change from the business of London. I am aware that Marrakech will be busy and I expect to be hassled and for it to be hectic, but I think it will be different to that which defines London.

But for now, I must get some food and a cup of tea and head for bed, in order that I stand some chance of making it to my non-law, poorly paid job on time in the morning.

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Miss Hacksaw said...

Marrakech is a wonderful place - I really hope you enjoy it. It's completely mad but that's all part of the fun! I recommend an afternoon haggling with the stallholders at the market - one of the most cheerful experiences of my life! Have a great time.