Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Long Time No Post

Am still no nearer to being back on line, so I will be sporadic at best. I think most of London has returned to work but I have been enjoying my week of shopping, washing, tidying and sorting.

So, first post of 2007. What do I hope that this year will bring? A better paid job, perhaps even if the industry I am supposedly qualified? A new house, perhaps even our own? Better weather, more money, a more stable and equal world? I wonder.

And hopefully a new computer so that I can actually write something useful instead of bashing out a few sentences whilst frantically checking two e-mail accounts.


lain said...

So how did the meeting on Friday go?

Rachel said...

Good and bad I guess. No point doing the Training Contract with the firm I was hoping as I couldn't qualify into the department I want to, but he did give me a helpful list of other places to try. I've made a start compiling a list, but quite a few of them are not recruiting until 2009. That's a long way off. So, I think I'll have to do some speculative applications. Starting tonight.

lain said...

Shame about the qualification/department thing, but good about the list. Good luck with it all, and let me know how you get on :-)